When you drink and dine with us, you're working with goods that are locally sourced and made to order.  We encourage you to support local independent businesses for they are the identity of your community.

Community Culture


Our shelves are filled with board games and books.

Our walls display rotating exhibitions of local art.

Our day hours end, and our evening hours extend into poetry slams,

music shows,
and other local events.



We've got plenty of seating (and yes, there's WiFi).

Our patio is  great for
soaking in the sun.

Our main room is lit with tons of natural light, and there's

upstairs seating for a cozier, focused atmosphere.



Meshuggah is an independent, locally owned café.
All walks of life are
welcome through
our doors.

We've crafted a relaxing atmosphere to get some work done.or catch up with friends.

St. Louis has taught me to be patient and to listen.  I don't know your story, and I need to hear you story... We get so focused on ourselves, but what if someone's talking to me just to talk to me and not because they need a solution?

We're working on what it means to be a good person and what that means for her.  We talk about living in a world where things aren't always perfect, and people aren't always kind, and we don't always see the love that we give back.

I give free haircuts to the community.  That's my way to pay it forward.  The barber shop is the cornerstone of every neighborhood.  It's way bigger than money.  I gave this one kid a free haircut and he was like, "I might ask this girl out to prom now."  And this year, they're still dating.  So when prom comes around, hey, come get fresh.

© 2017 - Natalie Rainer 

We Recycle.

Est. 1992